We have seen great mmorpgs like, World of Warcraft and minecraft. We have games like Mobile Strike, and Clash of clans. But we need to see Real Time Strategy become a massive online player system. Not one on one or team matches. We want to make it where the entire world is constantly playing and can dynamically destroy each others armies. No preset paths and units that  seem to just run across the screen. No we want it to work just like playing Starcraft or Command and Conquer. The only difference is that it will be online.

We want this game to be playable on you phone or desktop and we are trying to make it retro in appearance. We hope to capture the  nostalgia factor of people who used to play the old C&C games.

Imagine an infinite map where a new player starts with his command center and in game money to get started. You can grow and expand your base and build your army by collecting resources. Once you log off, everything about your base goes on auto pilot. So if you get discovered by an enemy you could get vaporized while you are away.

We have started making the server side code for this game. If funding picks up we will put up a logo for the game and hire some graphic designers.

If you ever wanted an mmorts this is your best bet.

Risks and challenges

My company has developed small mobile games and we wanted to take a shot at something larger. However since we are a team of coders we lack the ability to make decent graphics. We plan on finding some great designers to help us bring our RTS to life.

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