Our little people’s school needs help! :)

Little Yoga School Need Help

In West Coker, a small, beautiful village just outside Yeovil in Somerset is where our small yet wonderful school resides.

West Coker ‘C of E’ VC Primary School is a small school full of bright, energetic and amazing 5 to 11 year olds who all cherish their village and enjoy every minute they spend at school.

Unfortunately the school and it’s gardens have seen MUCH better days, and although we have an outstanding group of teachers and parents who are dead-set on fundraising, we don’t seem to be raising enough in order to fully revive the school and give the children exactly what they deserve!!

Our aim is to completely make-over the school gardens, to create a bright, fun and interactive place for the children to not only enjoy, but to learn as they do!! 🙂

image2.jpegThe whole area requires landscaping, the pond area needs fully stripping back and restoring to its former glory, we would love to create planting areas so the children can grow their own plants and vegetables and if we raise enough, we would love to be able to give the ‘Portacabin class’ which the younger, 5 year old students use, a fresh coat of paint!!!

We would also love to, if possible, as we have strong links with the Church and the wider community, be able to afford to repair our broken church roof 🙂


We recognise, so so much, how important it is for each individual to have a positive perception of their role in life and by being able to revive the school and it’s gardens, we absolutely know that we will creating the great foundations that each and every one of our children deserve to guide them into their lives 🙂 🙂