The Paradigm Journal is finally on Kickstarter






Quintessentiale Co. has launched their project The Paradigm Journal on Kickstarter. This is a self-development tool that helps you to be motivated and be more productive on your daily tasks. The duo behind this project are David Quinn and Kathleene Quinn, two professionals who have first hand experience of how an organizational tool like a journal can make an impact on your work-life balance.


It took more than a year for them to master and finish the product which they are proud to share to the public. After going through some changes they have now finally introduced this sleek and minimalist product that will surely capture everybody’s attention.


They come up with the idea when they realized that sticky notes and clip board are not enough tools to remind them with their daily tasks and to dos.


We thought that if we can put all of our tasks and ideas into a single item along with some inspiration and motivation techniques then we will be able to focus on the things that we really want to do. The things that matter, said Kathleene.


After finding out that there are many existing journals and planners in the market. They did the opposite to make their product stand out. Aside from the content they specifically designed the look of the journal.


David said, I am a late bloomer. I spent most of my 20’s with no organization skills or means to structure my days. I had great ideas but missed out on many opportunities due to the lack of organization and accountability of my daily actions.


The Paradigm Journal is design in a simple and functional way.

The journal has also been featured on Entrepreneur, Product Hunt, Krowdster, and Yahoo Small Business.

In a world that is being advanced with digital space they aim to restore and curate the most basic yet essential tools in our lives.


Find out why this is the most talked about journal on Kickstarter today.


Quintessentiale is a lifestyle brand. It aims to create designer quality products that are not only in style but also inspiring. Elegance meets individuality. Simple and minimalist. All things that matter.