Pet Weigh


Pet Weigh is a unique range of products that combine objects that are familiar to your pets everyday routines, with weighing scale technology, to eliminate the fuss and aggravation connected with taking a weight reading. Weighing our pets is a recognised aspect of good husbandry and by making this a hassle free operation, it’ll be easier, and more fun in the process.

The British Veterinary Association estimate that between 30-60% of all cats and dogs in the UK are overweight. The American Veterinary Medical Association report obesity at epidemic levels. The Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals comment that: “Everyday, vets are seeing overweight pets suffering from diseases such as; diabetes, heart disease, urinary tract disease and arthritis.” So, the need for keeping on top of these issues has never been more timely.

By encorporating a website to download the data, Pet Weigh will also be a teaching aid when trying to educate children about the needs and consequences of looking after a pet, and by association, giving them a sense of self awareness and self esteem.

I’m asking you to pledge in order to meet the initial costs of a production roll-out prototype.

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