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About this project

As an artist working primarily in the photographic medium I have been wanting to publish a book of my work for quite a while now. While exhibiting in galleries and museums is important a book can reach a much broader audience and allow for my work to be distributed and brought into people’s homes in a much greater capacity.

Last fall I signed a contract with Daylight Books and I will work with them to design, publish and distribute a book of my body of work Phantom Power. The book will be released in the spring of 2018. As you may know finding a publisher to produce a beautiful and well-crafted photography book is only half the battle. The artist is expected to contribute a significant amount of their own money and that is why I am asking for your help. Please visit this website for more information about Daylight Books:

For more information about my project please visit my website and read my artist statement below:

Phantom Power

In my previous work I photographed in small, rural towns that triggered childhood memories. During that process I met and became fascinated with a woman named Kathy. She owns the diner in town and lives on her husband’s family farm, which is haunted by his ancestors. Her belief in the spectral sparked my own interest in the unexplained and ties back to my ongoing curiosity about religion, spirituality and the human desire to believe that something else happens after we die and that a part of us, the spirit or soul, continues on.

The camera is a crucial tool for most paranormal investigators, so it was a natural step for me to become an amateur ghost hunter myself. Photography has been linked to the spirit world since the 1860s with the popularity of spirit photography and post-mortem portraits. Since its invention photography has lent a sense of immortality to its subjects. In recent years the paranormal received amplified media attention through numerous ‘reality’ television programs that sensationalized any experiences for the camera. On the contrary my approach is self-reflective and curious. To make the resulting images I adopt both traditional and contemporary approaches of capturing the invisible, as well as my own interpretation of the magical and mystical.

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