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You can also be the next Queen of Katwe from the Disney movie!

About this project

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PlayPhiona,com is the first project of Chess Prize. I want to create a fun environment for people to learn how to play chess and reward them.

There are a lot of chess websites out there and their focus is to have you go through a lot of lessons and learn how to play chess. While they are good, but what if we get rewards while we learn? Wouldn’t that be better?

That’s the reason I started Chess Prize, but before my website is live, Disney made a movie about this girl in Africa called Phiona Mutesi, she is the Queen of Katwe, a slum in Uganda, where the living condition is very poor. She learned chess because she wanted to get food but she discovered her hidden talent in chess and became #1 chess player in all Africa.

I believe everybody can do the same and can get access to free and fun resources that challenge your brain a little bit, especially for kids, with their brains are being developed. We want our next generation to grow up with something healthy. So I partner with the real people behind the Disney movie Queen of Katwe to launch this new site.

When you attempt all the challenges in the site, you will get a chance to meet and greet Phiona in person. But the site currently is funded only by one person, which is me. And I need your help to create this new chess community that will transform the world!

The Disney movie is the first step, your contribution will continue to impact the world!

Here’s structure of, we have 5 levels and each level contains different challenges and training. Once you get through the first 4 levels, you will enter the play off of Level 5, then winners will be able to enter a lucky draw to

Level 1 of

The Pioneers
The Pioneers


The background of this level is that Phiona just discovered chess and he joined other kids in the slum to learn how to play chess. Robert, their coach, named these kids the pioneers since they were the first group of kids in his chess project.

In this level you will be watching professional chess videos from a chess national master and fun videos brought to you by ChessPrize. These are introductory videos and you will go through some chess exercises to learn the rule of chess. You might already be playing chess, but it is a good refresh of knowledge on how the chess pieces moves.

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Level 2 of

The breakthrough
The breakthrough

The background of this level is regarding Phiona participated in the Father Grimes Tournament, that was the first ever tournament that she participated against elite school students, she found a goal in her life the first time – which is chess.

In this level, we have a series of make a mate and checkmate challenges for you to practice your checkmate skills. Checkmate is the goal of the game, to participate in these games, you will enhance your chess skills and your ability to win the game.

Level 3 of


Phiona won the International Chess Children’s Tournament heal in Sudan, brought back home a gold medal and #1 in Africa for Uganda. She got on an airplane the first time and thought it is heaven.

This is an extension of level 2, we have provided some more challenging Make a Mate and Chechmate challenge problems. By the end of this level, you are almost ready to get on real life challenges like Phiona.

Level 4 of

The world
The world

No more children’s games. Phiona is ready to play the big girls. She qualified the 2010 Chess Olympiad and joined the first ever Uganda women team to compete against the world

It required dedication in chess to get on the world stage. And the good thing about chess is it doesn’t matter where you are from and what is your education background, you can be good at it if you spend time to train yourself to be good at it. And the game of winning is easy, to checkmate your opponent, often at the least possible moves. Now that you are familiar with checkmates, we will have a series of checkmate in N moves puzzles for you to solve.

Level 5 of

The dream
The dream

What’s your dream? Everybody loves Disney and I think the ultimate goal of every child’s dream is to meet a Disney character, while you can get a Mickey mouse or Elsa consume at a Halloween store or fly over to Disneyland or Disney World resorts to meet and greet these characters, the story of Phiona is real. We provide the chance to meet this real person and play a game of chess with her and also you can get some chess advice from her. All you have to do is to participate in the challenges that we have prepared for you.

This is the final play off round, and we will host an online tournament among the finalists who have finished Level 1 to 4. The winners of the tournament will get a chance to play Phiona in person in a private event.

Risks and challenges

I am the chief architect and lead developer in the site, but I only have two pairs of hands but I have two very young kids at home. I am very constrained and I need additional help. I have hired a team to help me but since the site is absolutely free to join, there is no revenue at this point.

Additionally, we need to build great experience for the site, for desktop and for mobile. I have the best connections in the chess field to make the site fun and engaging and the best reward is to be able to meet and greet a Disney movie star in person!

Other challenges involves the travel arrangement of the Queen. We want to make it the best and most fun activities for the challengers of and the Queen of Katwe!

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