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We all know how expensive education can be, regardless of the governmental loans, bursaries and scholarships, students today still face tremendous pressure on paying for university. This is especially true for postgraduate study and although, the government has now introduced the new Masters loans, for many students, this simply is not enough and it results in seeking additional funding from elsewhere.

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When I hope to pursue my Masters next year, I am particuarly hoping to go to University of Cambridge to study MPhil in Education (Psychology and Education). This is the perfect course for me because I will be able to research my topic of interest during my thesis which is how the education system simply fails to provide the care and support that is needed for children and young people who have mental health problems, learning disabilities and conduct disorders. This is a particuarly important area for me to research because I do not feel young people who are in a vulnerable position are gaining the full educational advantages that could be available to them, but with the integration of professional services, such as counselling and school-based prevention programs, this may give them the ability to enhance their educational experiences and see school as a place of growth and development, as well as a place of developing their academic and vocational skills. I am hoping to study this fully if I do get an offer from University of Cambridge to do this Masters degree and also if I get the necessary funding to do this.

I would be so grateful to anyone who could donate as much as they can to this Crowd Funding page because it will give me the ability to pursue the Masters degree and provide me with the financial support that may hold me back from doing it.

Thank you for reading!

Ryan Slaiper

Help Ryan on Crowdfunder