RB Dress V: ¡Viva la Goma Elástica!


RB Dress V: ¡Viva la Goma Elástica!

Original wearable art, made from rubber bands and other recyclable and repurposed materials

New York – Havana

Let’s redefine the ordinary and humble rubber band!

Hi, I’m Margarita Mileva, an architect and an artist based in New York.  I am excited to share my new project with you! I am invited to participate in the Vestiphobia Workshop in Havana, Cuba. For this workshop I will work with artistic director Uta Bekaia and Cuban artists to create an original garment, RB Dress V: ¡Viva la Goma Elástica!. I enjoy creating new experiences by working with nontraditional materials and textures. It is very inspiring for me to observe the reaction of people interacting with my wearable art as they discover the unconventional material and its unique texture and feel.

The goals of Vestiphobia Workshop are closely connected with my practice and ideas that I’ve developed in previous projects. In my designs I use various methods in knotting together by hand different office supply materials like rubber bands, paper clips, business cards, eyelids, mosaic stones, etc. Rubber bands are my material of choice. I invite you to view some of my previous designs at www.m2elastic.com. 

I hope that with your help I will be able to collaborate with a team of Cuban artists (musicians, actors, dancers, fashion or costume designers, art wear artists) as we develop our designs for Vestiphobia’s ongoing happenings. ​I look forward to sharing RB Dress V: ¡Viva la Goma Elástica! with you. Together we will enjoy Vestiphobia at Fabrica de Arte Cubano.
Thank you!
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