Rogue Hunter – Live action Sci-Fi short set in New Detroit of 2064


Rogue Hunter is a live action Science Fiction short film much in the vein of Ghost in the Shell and Deus Ex.

In 2064 advancements in automation and robotics have caused massive unemployment on a global scale in the industrialized world. With ever more depleting natural resources the world is caught up in turmoil more than ever before. Epicenter of this trend is New Detroit. The Luddites, a fringe terrorist group, have staged arson attacks on several robotic facilities owned by Primer Tech. When Primer Tech unveiled a new full body augmentation technology that would allow the creation of self-aware artificial intelligence it was only a matter of time until the Luddites attack. The new technology is seen by some as a perversion of nature. For Victor Kardashev, Primer Tech’s CEO it’s only the next logical step in human evolution.

The terrorists comprise of mostly former blue collar workers and are set to destroy all machinery. Caught in this mess is Alex Phoenix, a detective of the Rogue Hunter Division in the NDPD. Alex is a highly augmented Ex-marine whose job consist of tracking and hunting down rogue androids and automated systems. When he left the military his cybernetic prosthetics and implants were locked in on a more human level.

Alex investigates a Cyber Junkie hideout in the slums of New Detroit in order to apprehend an android. Cyber Junkies are addicted to the Virtual Reality via wetware interfaces and spend most of their lives on the Brain-net. When Alex finally catches the android, none of the kill switch orders work. Instead the android introduces himself as Isaac and claims to be a human. The situation seems hopeless when the Luddites ambush the hideout.

But Isaac has a plan. He can unlock the military grade augmentations to give Alex a fighting chance and wreak havoc against the Luddites.

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