S U Z A N N E Ceremony, Headpieces and Accessories



From our passion for fashion, beauty and hair, was born the idea to create

S U Z A N N E Ceremony.

The first online concept store dedicated to handmade headpieces designed by talented designers in limited collections and exclusive pieces for future brides and women who love fashion and all the beauty it can brings.

Because fashion is international, we have chosen Internet to highlight the talent of our designers with their specific craftsmanship to give birth to a product of exception.

This Fall S U Z A N N E Ceremony has celebrated its 1st year ! To go further in this niche market where competition in perpetual movement sends back interesting challenges, we want to create our own brand.

Season after season, we keep meeting the trends and proposing collections which are the reflect of an absolute elegance and femininity to make every woman feeling unique.

“Fashion meets a desire of perfection to sublime a look. Head jewelries are the final touch to this desire.”


By the way, did you know why we are called S U Z A N N E ?

Because S U Z A N N E is meaning rose, the flower that represents the symbol of love ! It was predestined to become our project’s name !

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