Send Sara to Kibbutz


In October last year I went to Berlin, where was the audition to “Dance Journey” which is organized by the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel. It worked and I received an invitation. So my adventure began!

The 5-month program’s cost is $8,500 USD which includes: the Dance Jouney Program, MASA cultural activities, trips throughout Israel, hebrew classes, evening activities, medical insurance, accommodations for the duration of the program. This means that aside from the total program cost, the participant will need roughly $300 per month to cover living expenses along with the cost for the international flight to Israel.

The $8,500 USD in Poland is about 40,000 PLN, so it’s a lot. I can’t afford it by myself, that’s the reason why I decided to collect money. Here I’d like to collect money for first istallment, which is $4,500 and $1,500 for living in Israel. I also have another project on polish website, I hope to collect there the second instalment which is $4,000 USD.

Participation in this program is very important for me, becouse as a young, maturing dancer I would like to experience, gain knowledge and develop my skills.


Taking part in the program is an incredible chance to confront my knowledge of dance with what other people know about it. The opportunity to exchange experiences with dancers from all over the world, is the proverbial “encyclopaedia of knowledge” from which I can draw my own coclusions and then implement them to my work.
I feel honored, becouse I was chosen from hundreds of dancers from around the world. It’s a great feeling to be included among the elected and have a chance to aqurie knowledge in the “city of dancers”. After five month, there is the opportunity to receive an invitation to the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company or to another company from Israel or around the world.

I believe that participation in the “Dance Journey” can become a very important stage in the development of my career as a dancer and choreographer. I would like to enrich polish dance scene with the knowledge gained during this programe and share the idea how dance looks in KCDC,

I know that my “Dance Journey” dream is possible with your help!!! 😀

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