Slickspaces Vacation Property Automation System


Eliminate key drop and reduce your rental management workload by 75%. Save time and increase profits!

About this project

We are raising funds to move to the next phase of development for our vacation rental automation software and hardware system.

We were both working towards a separate yet shared vision to make travel accommodations easier to get into (we hate lines, and searching for keys) and more sustainable (we really hate wasting energy). With backgrounds in building sustainability, technology integration, and product usability, we’ve created something that fulfills both of these dreams.

To date we’ve developed some amazing automation tools and already have a vacation rental management company that is using our system. The funds will go towards further improving the product you’ll be getting with more third party vacation rental marketplaces to automate and streamline the booking experience even further.

We founded the company on the idea that innovation doesn’t always need to come in the form of an app. Truly useful technologies don’t always need direct interaction to be useful. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from our phones and spend more time at dinner with new or old friends. Technology should enhance our lives not consume it. Technology is a tool for giving us more time to do the things that matter most to us. We believe our vacation rental automation system will give you more time to grow a bigger business, or simply enjoy life more.

We have the following features:

  • Slick Intercom
  • Door Manager
  • Third party booking integration
  • Communication manager
  • Energy savings

We plan to charge the following for subscriptions (per property):

  • $10 Canadian/month for Slick Intercom only
  • $30 Canadian/month for any one feature
  • $35 Canadian/month for any two features
  • $40 Canadian/month for all features
Kicktraq Day one Badge!
Kicktraq Day one Badge!


Risks and challenges

We are fully ready to ship our software preinstalled on compatible locks and hubs within North America. We have chosen a shipping partner which has a global shipping reach. We are limiting our reach to North America as our system uses Z-wave automation and we need to spend more time working on the European Z-wave deployment strategy using European configured Samsung SmartThings Hubs. If there was a significant European demand we would make this a greater priority (in the form a stretch goal perhaps).

Our software may not work with some older intercom systems. It works with a spoken password, and keypad passwords with intercoms that can call a telephone number. For older direct wired system (those buttons that act like a walkie talkie), we are working on a possible solution (although those systems are quickly getting replaced with telephone number-based systems).

Our software development team is growing, and by the time the Kickstarter campaign is complete, we hope to add even more really great software features on top of what is already shown in the prototype gallery.

We will work to meet our June deadline for delivery of locks, hubs, etc., however we recognize that not everything is within our control, and a larger number of orders may slow down our ability to reach all of our funders within that window. We will work to minimize any delays and will keep everyone up to date on their shipping status.

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