Slim Restaurant Trash Can Slider Tray


Restaurants need to replace Slider trays instead of Expensive Trash Cans. Reducing their trash can costs by 50-60%.


About this project

The Slider Tray was created to prevent the bottom of a trash can from wearing out. Sliding the can creates holes in the bottom leaving massive trails of liquid across the floor, which results in additional clean-up work during high volume times, becoming a slip & fall hazard. The smell left throughout the restaurant is not a good customer experience, with the potential of spreading germs.Pro’s: The Slider Trays are American made from Recycled material. Made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) lasting longer than the trash cans. Slider Trays take up less storage space than the new trash cans purchased. Depending on the volume you purchase your current Slim Trash Cans at, the Slider Tray will save you money on your trash can budget. The Slider Tray Prevents: Wasted time, cleaning trails of liquid spills – Safety incidents/accidents – Potential illnesses – A bad customer dining experience.

Problems Resolved: Savings on average of 60% of your Slim Trash Can purchases. Allowing the pricey trash cans to last longer. Habits will remain, staff will continue to slide the cans, therefore the Slider Tray will allow for a lower replacement cost.

Risks and challenges

When the trash can is empty, the Slider tray can come off. The Risk is if anyone wants to keep the tray on the Can all the time we will need to either velcro it to the bottom of the Can or make the tray’s taller so they come up the sides of the trash can more.

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