Social Stax: A Tabletop Drinking Game


What is SocialStax? 

Inspired by Jenga, SocialStax brings all the excitement of carefully removing blocks and getting LIT in one amusing game. Socialize, drink up, and get up to all sorts of shenanigans with your group of friends while playing your childhood classic tabletop game.


*Final block designs subject to change
*Final block designs subject to change


*Final block designs subject to change
*Final block designs subject to change


That’s just a sneak peak of our 54 unique designs!


We need you help! 

We are reaching out to the Kickstarter community to complete our product and to start the party! We have finalised our radiant designs to be printed on our sleek custom blocks from a trusted manufacturer. All we need now is a little kick start to begin mass production. All of your support is greatly appreciated, and will be rewarded with a copy of the game and much more!

Got a block Idea? 

Are you itching to share your idea? Follow these steps to submit one!

1. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram

2. Make a post with your block idea and its rule

3. Tag a friend you would play SocialStax with

4. Tag us in it and/or use the hashtag #socialstax and #naughtystax

We’ll be selecting the top 5 ideas to include in our final game and you’ll get a shout out in the rule book!

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk and challenge we are facing at the moment pertains to manufacturing and shipping time. Before we can place an order and begin printing our blocks, we must be sure on the final design and quantity therefore it may delay reward distribution. We hope to avoid any delays by reaching our stretch goals and then being able to confidently begin the process.

We hope to receive your valuable feedback in the form of pre-orders and explore the option of retail. With your help, you may just see a product YOU made happen on the shelves of your local stores.

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