TabletHookz™ – The smart new travel accessory




tablethookz-the-smart-new-travel-accessoryTablethookz are a great new way to watch you tablet or smartphone hands-free on the move.

This handy pocket sized mount can be hooked on to the back of an airplane tray table to create your own individual seat back entertainment, leaving you with more space, and the freedom to move in and out of your seats throughout the flight.








If you travel with children it’s a great way to keep them entertained from the moment you board. It can also be hooked on to a tray table on a coach or train journey.

The great thing about this travel gadget is that it can be used as conventional tablet and smartphone stand in every day environments too, one size fits all, making this a really useful accessory for all the family.

With early bird pre-orders at $12.60/£10 be quick, we don’t think they will be around for long.