The Coffee Caddie


We have been carrying around unreliable cardboard drink carriers long enough! It is time to ditch that cardboard headache and start carrying your drinks with style and confidence. The Coffee Caddie is a handmade piece of art that is reliable and will last you a lifetime.

There has been a common problem throughout the world for many years and nothing has ever been done to change it. Custom coffee and drink orders are becoming very popular and it is not uncommon for one person to pick up multiple drinks for friends, family or co- workers. However, trying to carry 4 plus drinks in your car or to your destination can be a little tricky. The unreliable drink carriers you receive from the shops can add quite a bit of stress to your drive. I’m pretty sure most of you know what I am talking about.

The Coffee Caddie was designed for One Trip and Multiple Sips. Not only can you carry more then 4 drinks at a time, but you can put The Coffee Caddie anywhere in your car for Worry Free Transport. The curved wooden handle is crafted for comfort and is retractable to Carry Your Drinks with Ease.

Getting ready for a big meeting? Customize your Coffee Caddie with a logo. The Coffee Caddie is a great Conversation Piece, but it will also help you do a little free marketing. It looks good with any outfit, on any conference table or in any home.

Let’s eliminate the trash, stress, and spills and start to Carry with Confidence! Get your early bird specials on Kickstarter today or go to for more info.

Thanks for reading,

Trevor Thurow


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