The silent Threat


They say the visionaries think ahead and plan for the future but what future can we look to if the problem is not dealt with now? The silent threat of slums lurks in places where globalization and affluence have led to the growth of urban slums, in a world of limited resources this can lead to a global crisis in the near future.

According to the United Nations, approximately two-thirds of the world’s population is expected to live in cities by the year 2050. While cities offer myriad opportunities for many, they also present immense challenges, especially for those living at the bottom of the pyramid. Finding ways to generate greater security and prosperity will require devising solutions that not only help people overcome common obstacles—such as access to transportation, services, quality housing, and regular employment—but also offer compounding benefits across a wide range of key areas. (Hult Prize, 2016)

According to research the UN-Habitat report on the Challenge of Slums recorded that the number of people living in slums had grown from 35 million to 900 million in the past 50 years and predicted it would increase by a billion in the next 25 years, a major global challenge.

There is hope and this hope is INDEP. Whilst the problem is that people are not connected to the necessary goods, services and capital in order for them to live above the poverty line then the solution must be to provide these services and INDEP brings them so close they are at their doorsteps. INDEP is a social enterprise that is dedicated to bringing development in crowded urban spaces by better connecting people to goods, services and capital. INDEP provides a solution that empowers the people living in the slums providing them with ability to function, capital that enables them to expand and adequate business connections to ensure they make profits in addition to achieving their business goals. Profits realised by INDEP will be used to further develop these local communities through COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS (CDPs) that will involve the community in projects like garbage collection for Bio energy, building water reservoirs, improving health services and sensitization programs. This not only provides employment but makes the lives of people living in crowded urban spaces better.

Imagine a contest where two children were asked to draw the Eiffel tower; one child living in Paris and the other in Hong Kong, who is more likely to it picture better? Who is more likely to come up with long-standing solutions to problems faced in their community?

INDEP focus on industries that bring direct development on the local communities and will directly employ people.  It is a solution for the people, by the people, through the people.

I believe that you are visionary and together we can think about the future and make it happen.