The Thadows Loom & The Sun is Black


Friday 27 May, 7.30pm (Venue 1)
Tickets £10, Concessions £8
Rich Mix 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA UK

This brand new performance installation from VIDEOfeet is part film, part installation, part theatre and aims to challenge the expectations of modern Cinema and Theatre audiences.

The Thadows Loom & The Sun is Black follows the story of a couple who travel to a remote cottage in an attempt to revive their failing relationship. Overwatched by a distant, mysterious figure who is always just out of reach, they soon realise something is wrong. and their situation, dwarfed by a cataclysmic event set deep in the cosmos, forces them to question the nature of their own reality.

Soon, as if on the event horizon of a black hole, they fall out of time, their lives forgotten.

The Thadows Loom & The Sun is Black is an exploration into our fragile relationship with time and how it affects perceptions of ourselves, our connections with each other and of reality itself. Without the notion of time what is left of us, the Universe and our place in it?

Why we need your help…

So far we have the vast majority of the production in the bag, and post-production is moving along nicely, as is the building of a modular projection installation. We’re just short a couple of things to really finish off the production at the level we want to present it. Here’s where you come in!

We need a final funding push in order to hire specialist projection equipment for the night of the sharing at Rich Mix and to for us to engineer a scrim (a special clear projection screen) to enable us to fully realise our ideas at full scale. Proceeds will also go towards costs for further development and polishing of the production following the initial sharing, which includes modifying the production into a single screen feature film which will be going onto the film festival circuit in Autumn 2017 after the installation has toured.

YOUR HELP, no matter how big or small will allow us to realise something that we really think is something new for both cinema and theatre audiences – so if you love new and original work please help support us and you’ll get your name in the credits on the big screen!  We really couldn’t do this with you!  A BIG THANKS IN ADVANCE FROM ALL THE THADOWS TEAM!

Audience Feedback

‘The transition between film and real life theatre was exquisite, it worked so perfectly I questioned reality for a few seconds’

When it ended I shivered. Had very strange dreams for a couple of nights! More!’

‘It felt like a pure combination of both (film and theatre) and worked so incredibly well…fantastic work’

‘To make an audience question if their brain is functioning properly is quite a skill’

Who Are VIDEOfeet?

VIDEOfeet are a UK based art collective that unite a wide range of disciplines including film, sound art/ design, performative installation, and visual art. The collective have an open approach to collaboration, with an aim to continually develop new practices and accessions to their work, which in turn suggest new artistic directions.

The Collectives lines of enquiry include the relationship between online presence and real experience; how digital communication affects human consciousness and evolution and, recently, how our perceptions of time a ect our understanding of ourselves, each other and of reality itself. The collectives aim is to create experiences that tell unique stories that play with our sense of physicality, the aural landscape that surrounds us and our visual acceptance of perceived truth.

Their award winning short films have been shown internationally at BAFTA recognised festivals and their interdisciplinary art practice is supported by Arts Council England. Since 2008 they have collaborated with a wide range of international artists within a multitude of disciplines, creating film and sound material for OBRA Theatre Co. (France), projected performance material for Awake Projects (UK, SWE), The North Wall (UK), Moon Fool (UK) and are associate artists for Trestle Theatre Company (UK) and OBRA Theatre Co. (France).

Alongside their flagship work The Thadows Loom & The Sun is Black, they are embarking on an ambitious Theatre/Film project called Ex_Situ; a series of short films depicting the relationship between the physical body and abandoned architectural space, which at it’s core explores the creative process itself; the moment of exchange between artists and disciplines and what happens when particular individuals meet in response to a particular environment.

What’s next?

The sharing at Rich Mix (27 May) is just the beginning of the Thadows journey, over the coming months we will continue to hone and polish the piece, sharing it with the public and industry exemplars at our supporting venues. The show will be available for touring from Spring 2017 and during that year we intend to release the work as a single screen feature, submitting it to film festivals across the world. There will also be (at least one) album created from soundtrack from the installation, which will be available online.

Thank you for supporting the project.