Thor, The Metal Avenger and The Electric Vikings


Thor, The Metal Avenger and The Electric Vikings is the latest expansion for Battle of the Electric Vikings and it’s the first officially licensed expansion. This is the ONLY Heavy Metal card game on market! The game is a 2-6 player card game played like scrabble. Players take turns creating Heavy Metal song titles or lyrics or band names etc. If it’s METAL it plays. With this new expansion we got the most Metal guy we could find, Thor! If you don’t about Thor, there is an awesome documentary called ‘I am Thor’ on Netflix. You’ll see why we chose him as our first officially licensed expansion. Thor is Heavy Metal! Base set comes with 102 cards in a 6×6 box (big enough to hold all the expansions) There are also two other expansions based on Spinal Tap and Iron Maiden (both unofficial) for a total of 133 cards!

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