Tneils Hidden Pocket Shirt


The Fashionable Travelers Shirt that has a Secret. Get out there, and keep what needs to be safe hidden.

About this project

           Our passion is to make fashion forward clothes that are ready for any travel adventure – Business or Pleasure.

This is our first product. The Traveler – Hidden Pocket Shirt. We needed something better than an average travel shirt, so we found one of the best manufacturers that works with the big brands like Tommy Hilfiger to bring you a fashionable product that has more function to it than other shirts.

Whether we are closing the deal abroad or exploring a new city, we need a shirt that looks good, performs well but also keeps safe that which is important to us.

It’s the little details that make all the difference and that is what our brand is all about. We make the small changes that make a big impact and this shirt is only the beginning for us.

We started with white because everyone needs a good basic shirt – one that they can count on.

The Traveler – Hidden Pocket Shirt

All pictures taken with Passport and Wallet in the Hidden Pocket.

Clean Lines and a Modern Fitted Cut

Fashion Forward Yet Travel Ready.

(Pictures are taken with passport, cash, and credit cards which are in the hidden pocket and tucked in to the pants. They’ll never know.)

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Keeps anything Hidden

Optimized for your Travel Needs. (Or if you just need to hide something)

The Pocket

Placement is key. The opening is big enough for your hand to comfortably fit through to get what you need. The zipper is made to zip shut towards your waist so that it will never fall open and will be completely invisible. We attached it to the seams of the shirt so that  the shirt looks like any other shirt and no one will ever be able to know that there’s a pocket. (It works! I’ve worn it and surprised many people) The pocket is only attached to two edges and not the bottom hem, thus allowing it to move more freely and allowing you to be more comfortable. It is made out of the same fabric of the shirt so it will be lightweight and breathable. We placed it just low enough so that it won’t crease and cause discomfort. You can wear this shirt tucked for security and secrecy or untucked for comfort and length the choice is yours; either way the pocket will be unnoticeable and hidden.

A pocket big enough for your hand and that goes across the entire shirt
A pocket big enough for your hand and that goes across the entire shirt

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It's a really big pocket.
It’s a really big pocket.

Features of the Shirt

Built in collar stays so you never need to worry about a collar being not on point  

Wrinkle resistant cotton polyester fabric that’s easy to wash, (machine wash/machine dry) that keeps you cooler and keeps the stains off, a shirt that is breathable and stylish which can keep up with you all day. 

High Quality Specialty made Herringbone fabric

A one of a kind blend of polyester and cotton make this Herringbone
A one of a kind blend of polyester and cotton make this Herringbone

Shoulder pleats for more range of motion

A slim cut for wearing tucked in or untucked

An invisible zipper that creates a seamless look when closed

Cuffs big enough to comfortably fit with your watch



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Say No to Other Travel Alternatives

These travel pouches are not the best solution.

  • One can only wear these if they are wearing a belt.
  • They are made from materials that do not breath
  • Straps always show making it more visible.
  • Uncomfortable and Cumbersome
  • Difficult to access

Ditch the hassle and get the shirt that makes it easy, invisible and more comfortable! With our clothing you can wear what you need to hide untucked or tucked in and still easily keep it out of sight!

These travel pouches are bulky, have too many pockets and are made out of material that doesn’t breath well and that makes for uncomfortable travel. Our goal is to avoid the bulk and to slim down what you need to carry. This gives you more comfort and breathability. Less bulk means that it is less of a bulge and less of a burden, less synthetic material means that it is more breathable and more comfortable.

Tie on Alternatives still aren’t the solution.

  • These are the most uncomfortable to wear
  • They cut into your skin
  • They are still too bulky
  • The synthetic material is not breatheable
  • The tie around strap often loosens during the day and your items end up falling through your pants and on the ground

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Risks and challenges

Manufacturing- We are positioned and ready to manufacture this shirt, and the manufacturer we are collaborating with is known for their high quality and reliability. We anticipate a relatively smooth process and have excellent communication set up with our manufacturer, however there are always some variables involving logistics that could affect the speed of delivery.

Fabric- Our materials are already in stock. Once our Kickstarter campaign is funded we can begin sewing. If there are any defects in quality we haven’t found them.

Shipping – Our supply chain is streamlined and simple, with our design studio and fulfillment based in Salt Lake City, and our manufacturer in New Dehli. They ship to us in bulk and we ship to all of you!

All addresses and sizing will be collected after successful funding of the project.

Pay Later Plan – We will have a list from the Kickstarter saying who choose this and we will use this list on our website to allow for the purchase of the shirt at the 50$ price at a later time.

People- Our core team at T Neils Clothing is Taylor Neilson, a Bio-engineering student at University of Utah, and an avid traveler with an active and creative spirit. He has been involved in creative and engineering pursuits the greater part of his life, and is always interested in how an idea gets made.
Taylor has also taken a keen interest in clothing and men’s fashion, and been focused on the sweet pot of where fashion and style intersect with clothing that wears and functions well as active wear.
Evan Glassman brings over 25 years of multidisciplinary design to our table, with a multitude of completed projects in fine and applied arts, and clients including the Chicago Cubs, Rockwell Group, Chicago Transit Authority, and numerous other public and private clients.
Evan setup his design shop in Salt Lake City in 2015, after moving from Santa Fe NM.
Together, with other talented and skilled folks in SLC, T Neils Clothing is positioned to successfully bring our clients clothing that they love to wear, and that serves them well, while looking great.

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