Tox RPG: Custom powers and side effects!


Tox RPG is a fast, easy-to-play RPG that lets you custom-design your own powers and their side-effects. During the game, using your powers causes you to build up tox, which results in a side-effect unique to your character. Game play is full of challenging choices (Is using a power worth the cost?) and exciting, character-based plot twists (Oh no! My side-effect triggered just when I thought it was over!).

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Total Customization for Powers

You get to custom design your own powers to create the perfect, epic ability for your character. Each power, or gift, comes with its own rules that open up meaningful options and change the way you play the game. Unlike other games that provide preset powers, or spend hours creating your own powers, Tox lets you design your powers in 4 quick steps, choosing a game mechanic, power, skill, and your own, open-ended theme that describes how the power appears in the story.

Players who want to dive deeper can add gift mods that layer custom rules on top of your gift. Mods can buff a power, extending range or reducing side effects for example. Mods can also limit a power, such as requiring special circumstances or creating accidental uses of a gift.

Tox Create a More Compelling Story

Players also create a custom side-effect, called Tox that gets triggered after gift use. Side effects range from madness, to damage, to new story obstacles and more. Before using a gift, players must think carefully: is the added power of your gift now worth the side effect later? Tox creates challenging, strategic choices in the game for players, making the story more engaging.

Tox also provides game masters with an arsenal of ready-made, character-driven plot twists. If the story’s slowing down, your obstacles aren’t as challenging as expected, characters need a little extra motivation, or you need to prevent a domineering player from spamming their powers and taking over the game, you can introduce a tox effect to add excitement and balance the game!

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