The Treehouse Tapas and Wine Bar


The Treehouse Tapas and Wine Bar, a casual ambient place with, forest views, food, wine & good times

Our reasons for this new enterprise are varied. We want to be part of the town and the lifestyle it offers. Also, the town itself has given great feedback for the need for such an establishment for themselves for visitors and tourists alike. The Treehouse will be a place to showcase local produce while providing employment opportunities for the locals, we think the venue will be a great opportunity for all. Thank you

We are almost there!
We have an ideal venue in an ideal location, all we need a little help to fund the fit out plumbing and electrical works. After all when you visit we want you to feel as comfortable as possible!

We aim the raise $13,000 to cover the construction of the amenities and venue plumbing. Your contributions will go towards the  costs related to the final stages of the fit out; predominantly building the amenities, plumbing and electrics.

piechart final construction

We thank you in advance for your help  and appreciate the confidence you have placed in us.

Who we Are

Pauline Williams (Artist) and Mitchell Goddin (Teacher) are lovers of sharing great food and fine wines.

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Together we will build and operate the Treehouse Tapas and Wine Bar (in Pemberton, Western Australia) a social, ambient small bar venue set amongst the Karri forest, drawing on the  nature of sharing food and good times typical of the Spanish Tapas Bar culture.

While we are new to the small bar scene we are passionate about the quality local produce of our Southern Forest region. We are also eager to provide local residents with a friendly environment where they can pop in for a Tapa or two, a  chat and a drink.

There is a growing buzz in the town and we feel that this is the perfect place and time to open a small bar for both locals and visitors alike.

Your help is crucial to help us bring our dream venue to fruition. Your contributions will go towards the initial costs related to opening our place and seal the bar as the  community based venue it wants to be.

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