Unveil The Beauty


The journey to my stitches, I am the chic woman out of the box. I was invited to showcase my design at Style fashion week in New York. I would love if everyone help me get thereWhen I was a child I became disable I have cerebral palsy, it prevents me from doing a lot of things. I can’t run, ride a bike, kick a ball, walk straight and wear a pair of heels, ever since then I felt alone and different in the world. I want to share to the world, how fashion changes my life into a different person and how it helps me to discovered myself, my strength, my fear, and my weakness that was in me. I am that young lady that was afraid to walk and communicate in front of people. Fashion helps me to understand the person I am and how I see the world differently, words that I can’t even explain of how I feel. When I was a little girl I used to imagine myself in a secret world where I would sketch my design and see it come to life, wearing beautiful Silhouette and dancing around the garden day and night.
It has been one of my dreams to go to New York fashion week to show my artwork to the world and how I want to make different, I want to be able to an courage people like me and others not to give up, go after what they want and what makes them happy. I know I did. Send me to New York Style fashion week.

Being a fashion designer I specialize in women wear, I designs women’s wear from Swimwear to Avant-garde. Every women around the world have different style. My design is classy, chic, elegant, sexy, unique, and high fashion garments. I want women to feel comfortable, and confident on what they are wearing. My personal style is different, unique many people that follow could see that each of my silhouette has a unique texture, and a different technique to it. I want to have my own fashion brand, I design my artwork from sketches to stitches, basically I make my own pattern and then make it into a silhouette. In September 2016 I want to showcase my collection in New York fashion week, that is one of my biggest dreams. The only thing is I don’t have the fund to cover the show. My favorite part of being a fashion designer is I love to use my imagination, sketch my ideas, shop for fabric, fashion shows, be creative and make someone look different and happy. Send me to New York Style fashion week.

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