VR FREE – Virtual Reality Wireless Transmitter


About the project

Syuichi Monden of Tokyo, Japan has developed a new wireless virtual reality transmitter and is seeking funds to market and distribute across the internet in October of 2016.

So far, he has raised $190, approximately 2% of the $8000 goal needed to get this project underway. The deadline to raise the total amount ends in 19 days. In addition, donations will allow the givers to test the prototypes for this new VR FREE.

“In order to develop the best product possible, we greatly appreciate your support and feedback,” Monden said.

This new upgrade in the science of VR technology allows for a more comfortable and flexible VR experience, according to Monden. He stated that this level of VR freedom was not feasible before because off technical incompatibilities which cause delays with user/module interaction.

“We need your contribution for conducting the final testing and preparing molds for mass production,” the young VR developer stated. “Please help us spread it to the world and to keep developing a better product!”

Monden has developed electric appliances for years in collaboration with Chinese companies. He stated that VR FREE will be a new product experience for consumers.

“We made the structure of the product as simple as possible … but robust enough for all imaginable environments,” Monden said. “It is also designed to work with software, so no further improvement will be needed in case problems arise.”

Monden go his big chance collaborating with highly skilled engineers

“We want to make a reliable product that enhances the wonderfulness and enjoyment of Virtual Reality by freeing the users from the inevitable troubles when used with cables,” said Monden. “We are a very small company, and do not have capability to circulate it worldwide, or to fund ourselves beforehand for mass production. We need your help. Please lend us your power to expand this chance to the broadest possible!”


Monden and the VR engineers developed the product by simplifying existing technologies and combining them. He believes this technique is compatible with future models, and projects that there will be more fields where it could be applied.

“This may sound easy, but is actually not, and has required a great deal of effort to make,” Monden said. “Please send your word out to help spread VR FREE as much as you can. And we will continue to be fully devoted to bettering the product.”

More detail about Monden’s new VR technical development is available at the Indiegogo website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vr-free-virtual-reality-wireless-transmitter–4#/.