Welcome to Our Country


“Imperialism already had in my country but it hung in the air; with Syrian refugees, it becomes visible in human form. This was a great artistic expression possibility of telling imperialism for me.”

As a world artist living under the pressure of a corrupt order, I can’t stay silent against the oppression exposed the people of world and my country. I think any real artist can’t stay silent while children’s lifeless bodies hitting the shores. But this is not a film about children’s lifeless bodies hitting the shores; this is a film about what causing and winning money from it. I want to tell the desperation of the people under pressure of imperialism with a revolutionary, disturbing and intelluectal aesthetic form of cinema. I want to make a film not only against the system but also against the film form produced by the system.

My name ise Emrah Erşahin. I am a filmmaker from Turkey. I graduate from Istanbul Universtiy cinema-tv section and I made three fictional short and one feature documentery film. After that, I worked for a script about imperialism include Syrian refugees and Welcome to Our Country appeared in about one year. I wrote the script than I prepared more than two thousand shots for film in about six months.

The most difficult job in the world is defend the truth. Furthermore this situation more difficult if your tool is cinema. Usually you do not have enough supporters. For Welcome to Our Country; we didn’t get government support, we didn’t get any sponsor or any investor. This movie can/should be achieved only with your helps. Only you can finance a film about the facts. Help us for making this movie.

This is a modern epic story, tragedy of modern human”

I have three main characters in a three intertwined story lines. First one is, call center manager Mehmet’s story. Mehmet is an arrogant character like other managers in same office. When call center company entered crisis, the owner of the company, Rasim, requires twice performance of all employees include managers, firstly Mehmet oppose that but then he obliged to because he can’t find any another job in same conditions. He is forced to do overtime night after night leaving his pregnant wife, Oya and two childrens alone.

Second character is Aysun, she is working for same company as call center agent. Her unemployed husband Nazmi refuses to work in the shadow of a boss, so Aysun has to relying on hard work and pressure to customers to pay credit debts. Third character, Murat, is one of those customers. He had to got credit because he can’t paid his mother’s hospital expenses. He is working for world famous fast food company as a cashier. Finally he rob the safe of restourant and tortured by police officer, Cafer, who caught him.

Throughout the film we see Syrian Refugees as a background.

Actually this is a modern epic story, tragedy of modern human.

We need 50.000$ for entire production. Twenty percent of this money will be spent distribution and promotion expenses, ten percent for Pre-Production and seventy for Production and Post-Production”

This is a microbudget film. I will direct, shot, and edit it with some of my school friends and several workers helps. The spirit of a microbudget is DIY (do it yourself) comprehension and the real power of labor.

All shots will take place in Istanbul locations and studios. We need 50.000$ for entire production. Twenty percent of this money will be spent distribution and promotion expenses, ten percent for Pre-Production and seventy for Production and Post-Production.

Expenditure items can be summarized as follows: Shooting and editing equipments, workers and players fees, locations and studio rentals and other unpredictable expenses.

If we can’t reach the target amount at the end of the campaign, we will begin to work with collected money and continue to seek the remaining money in the production process.

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