We’re All Mad Here


Campaign to take us to Vegas to shoot a music video with a Pro Formula Drift racer and in the maddest city at the craziest time of the year, Halloween! Funding is for professional racing videographers, editors, mixing and mastering producers for the song, travel costs and any added expenses.  In a world full of corruption we only want to let this song be an alarm clock to inspire people to stand together, but remember “We’re All Mad Here”.

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About the Campaign3 Talented Guys on a Mission:

  • Micky Mouth: Enthusiastic vigilant lyrical loud mouth
  • I Am. Breed: Undeniable musical mastermind DJ and mega producer
  • Alec Hohnadell: Fearless and humble PRO Formula Drift Driver

Want team up with:

  • YOU // The passionate supportive awesome fan

To create: 

An earth shaking music video to give site to a concept and song that can unite the brilliant and creative minds all around the planet.

The song:

“We’re All Mad Here” By Micky Mouth (Prod I Am. breed)

The idea and life blood behind this concept is simple. Crush corruption. Unite. Come with us, join us, stand together.. But know this.. We’re All Mad Here

Some of the most brilliant and creative artist, businessmen and women, teachers and seekers have all been judged as mad. Like it’s insane to go against the grain. Well when the grain is poisoned and plagued by powers set to divide us we must stand together.

In order to create this work of art we need your help.

This is why we created this account to give you, the fan, friends, family and revolutionary thinkers the chance to help each of us catapult our careers and continue to pursue our dreams. Any thing you can contribute is beyond a blessing.

This won’t only be a music video it will also be a promotional video for our great friend Alec and to help get his name spread further along with ours. This young man is going to be branded into the history book of drivers let alone Formula drifters.

This is the beginning to a musical journey we hope to spread globally!! Thank you in advance! And remember we might be mad but together we reign.


Risks and challenges

Travel Costs
Production Costs
Promotional Costs

We set the goal at 10k as a minimum. There is always a risk of not having enough money to back the entire project. We feel if we have more than the goal amount it would give us an opportunity to have the best possible video. The video link above mentions that exceeding funds will go to the EP, however, after some more thought we feel that any exceeding amounts should go solely to the making of the music video. Regardless your contribution will not be taken for granted or wasted.