The World’s first scratch-resistant Naked Case™ for the Jet Black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Kickstarter! Pledge & NEVER Worry About Scratching Your Jet Black iPhone 7! Scratch-Resistant. Invisible. Still Sexy.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Invites Financial Backers to Start Shipping their Naked Cases

These are specifically designed for iPhone 7 and are ‘self healing’ products

USA, 3rd October 2016: People who own the Jet Black iPhone 7 series can consider backing the prototype Naked Case for Jet Black iPhone 7 Clear Case Scratch-Resistant at the aforementioned website. It has been designed exclusively for this product and the founder is looking for $11,750 from 300 backers in 30 days so that the Company can start shipping the same.

There are many people who use only Apple products and iPhone 7 which has been launched recently has met with an equal amount of fervor from such users. People from across the globe are constantly looking forward to such new releases. These products are substantially priced and hence, there is a need to protect them from any wear and tear that can be avoided. Scratches are quite the problem and when it comes to the Jet Black color, they appear more pronounced. Protective screens are the solutions for preventing the same.

Naked Case for Jet Black iPhone 7 Clear Case Scratch-Resistant has been designed by experts and is able to take care of itself without any efforts. It is invisible and hence, does not affect the beauty of the device.

The website says, “Once your iPhone develops scratches, there is no way to deal with them. It has to be used in the same condition. If you wish to upkeep the appearance of your device at all times, our naked cases are ideal. They can be easily fit onto the devices and can be cleaned with water and soap. For queries with regards to the product, the below mentioned details can be used by prospective backers.”

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About the website

The website claims that their product is ready to be shipped once the required funds are raised from backers. There is a lot of information about how to take care of the case in case of any scratches. These are believed to be perfect for the Jet Black iPhone 7 models as they are customized. There are many backers who have shown interest in the product.

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Naked Case for Jet Black iPhone 7 Clear Case Scratch-Resistant

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