Worlds Most Efficient Natural Air Purifier


Worlds Most Efficient Natural Air Purifier

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There is today a greater amount of infectious particulate matter in the air due to garbage and waste material from our industrialised and dense population concentration. Add to this the fact that the particulate matter is now “OILY” in character from exhaust fumes of engines in the form of vehicles, generators, cooking; it sticks to everything where it gets deposited. Just imagine what will do the insides of your lungs once it finds its way in there?


It only gets worse in small apartments and offices where the cross ventilation is rather poor.  Natural breeze and circulation brings in the pollution but then it remains trapped. Without exhaust fans there is rarely any cross ventilation.

Our Solution

A bedside lamp which is really an air cleaner with built in Camphorater for safe, clean anti allergic room space specially designed for people with allergic tendencies, children and patients with lung and sinus problems to counter the heavy air pollution that we face nowadays.

It will keep the area in a room around the sleeping/working individual relatively free of excess dust, act as a lamp and fit into any decor. The aim is to give relief with a simple design that is easy to manufacture, maintain, long lasting and suitable for Indian conditions where logistics are a serious problem along with poor voltage control in power supply and users who don’t understand the mechanics of complicated gadgets.


  • Air Purifier with Camphorator
  • Hand made in India with ScandinivianPine wood and Stainless Steel.
  • Easy to clean & Low Maintenance
  • Inbuilt Bedside Lamp


  • Capacity: 400 square feet in 4 hours.
  • Effectively traps Airborne allergen particles, Toxic molds, Pollens, Kitchen soot, Dust Particles and Mites, Particles generated from Diesel use.
  • Operates on 220V AC Power Source.

How to use

  • Plug-in.
  • Switch on.
  • Leave the space around it free for the movement of air ( about 6-8 cms/3 inches minimum)

Using the unit.

Normally it would be quite enough to run it 3-4 hours every 24 hours. It is suitable for a place up to around 400 sq feet. Its efficiency goes up in smaller places. Keep it on when brooming. Brooming only removes the bigger visible particles and unfortunately also lifts & spreads the fine thin dust into the air-space which stays back hanging in the air while you are breathing it in, thinking your room has been cleaned. Later within 24 hours it has settles back on things all around you. By disturbing it you only make it easy for the dust to enter your breathing system. Trap it before it hurts you. Where cross-ventilation is lacking, the importance of the unit grows exponentially. After that if used with care the unit should last you for a long time.

NOTE: Due to voltage or/and laxity in cleaning the filter, the fan unit can be damaged. So please take care. The fan is easily replaced and spare units are available.

1) The unit is designed for people of the dusty, industrially active, developing countries where pollution in the cities has gone out of control. And where it is the practice to burn incense, camphor for ritual purification of surroundings + Obviously it makes for a beautiful lamp.

2) FILTER PADS and their Maintenance

Very important. Keep an eye on the filter pad. If it looks dirty clean it as per instructions

Remove the filter by opening the top, then wash it and replace it along the same lines back into place.

3) It is a good idea to clean every week at least. In highly polluted area it may need to be earlier depending on the hours of use.

Pull out the frame from the top.

  • Fill a small bucket with water and use a good quality detergent designed for machine wash with enzymes. Remove the filter from the unit and give it a normal wash. Don’t squeeze it. Behave with just like you would delicate woolens.
  • Throw the dirty water and fill the bucket with fresh water and rinse the filter unit in it. Repeat if necessary.
  • Leave the unit out to dry it-self out. Hang it out flat to dry. Do not be tempted to give it a proper hand wash with a squeeze and all that. It may wrinkle/damage the cloth.
  • Replace the dust filter unit by slipping it back into the unit.
  • It is good for at least 2-4 washes. After that it may have to be junked.

4) For disinfecting the room, any camphorated balm, petroleum jelly based can be used and for fragrance, any essential oil, oil based perfume will do too.

5) The unit is designed for a normal small filament bulb of max 25 watts. Please do not use a bulb of higher wattage as the heat may damage the fan by over-heating it. You can use a higher wattage bulb if you are not using the fan at the same time.


How long will it take for Safe Air to be delivered?

-We expect to finish delivering Safe Air to our supporters by the end of September 2016. We will distribute our products from Delhi.

We need extra filters. How will that work? How long can the filter last?

The filter usually lasts from 10 weeks to 12 weeks, depending on the environment and the usage. Moreover, you can wash the filter as described in the description and can use it multiple times. After washing it 4-5 times you can order a new filter at an additional cost. Our pledges already include the option to order the equipment along with extra filters. If you believe you will need a lot more filters than that, please go with the $150 pledge option to order extra ones.

Do you deliver beyond India?

Yes, we can. All we need is just a little extra shipping cost.

I like the design, the video demonstration, and everything, but can Safe Air really work great?

We have spent months, day in and day out, in our lab to carefully design, model, and test Safe Air. You can hardly find any similar product that has the same set of functions as Safe Air. You will witness the effect of our product not only by numbers or data, but also from the breath that you take every second in your office or at home. If you do not like our product, we will be happy to refund 100% of the cost.

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