Young, Drunk, and Chased


By: Chase Reed

I have written a book about my days as an alcoholic and what God did to bring me out of this lifestyle. I’m trying to self publish Read More
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My story Young, Drunk, and Chased is a memoir about my life as an alcoholic and what God did to change my life and take these cravings of alcohol away. My marriage was hurting, I was going to lose my daughter, and I was slowly killing myself until God came by and saved me. This story goes through all of those days as well as gives advice to parents and addicts. I also give analogies of addiction and different ways in which God uses the weakest moments we have to help others. I am self publishing because many publishers do not want a memoir at this time, and it gives me the freedom to reach the audience I want to reach. I am not concerned about making money from my book, but I am concerned about saving lives. If I can get this story out to just one struggling alcoholic or addict who is open to help, then I believe it could change their whole outlook on things. I also believe it could help lead people to Christ. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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