Youtubers Life Series


Hello, I assume you have clicked on this project at least mildly interested in what this series is, and its actually what your probably thinking right now. This series is going to go into depth about a you-tuber’s life and what they go through. Everyday you see a you-tuber posting about what is happening in their life or a bad situation. But there is always more. I understand being a you-tuber doesn’t take much physical labor, however there is mental labor involved, and that’s what were trying to get you to see.

The project started with two teenage minds wanting to make a series that meant something to them and to others. Both of them have gone through a lot throughout their life. Having both been doing YouTube for over a year, they thought what better movie to make then the story of their lives ever since they started YouTube.

This will be a 6 episode series with a goal of another season in the future. Most of this project will be completed by Aubrie Backus and Marcus Mckinney. The backers will be greatly appreciated and recognized a great deal. 😀

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